Business Tax Preparation

Get a specialist to prepare your business taxes. Complete and file your annual income tax return according to your business structure, complying with and following the rules established by the IRS and seeking reductions and benefits already granted by IRS to all Businesses.

Individual Tax Preparation

We help you reduce taxes, pay a fair amount, and calculate the best possible benefit or credit, for sure.

Tax Advisory

We assist you in handling complex problems by reducing financial uncertainties and help you to detect any potential problems that may arise in the future course of business.

Business Acquisition Due Diligence

Be equipped to make an informed decision and close the deal with a sense of certainty. We have experience helping investors and companies understand the nature of a deal, the risks involved, and whether the deal fits with your investment.

Bookkeeping Service

Make smart business decisions. With bookkeeping services, you can identify money-making opportunities, avoid cash-flow problems, and find ways to increase income or decrease spending.

Payroll Processing

Save time and money. Not having to spend long hours on administrative work affords employers to focus on business growth initiatives, and improved accuracy can prevent costly penalties. Trust your payroll is in good hands. Personal attention from a trusted advisor who knows your business.

Planning & Budgeting

We guide and support business owners to evaluate their earnings and expenses and project their monetary intakes and outtakes for the future. The goal is to lay out all necessary components and brainstorm future goals.

US TAX for Foreign Investors

We evaluate every unique Tax position for nonresident aliens and foreign entities because each individual treaty must be reviewed to determine whether specific types of income are exempt from U.S. tax or taxed at a reduced rate. Foreigners investing in U.S. businesses and other investments must be mindful of the tax consequences of investing in the U.S.